Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Eating Habits is the Best way For Losing Weight

Do you remember something about your mom telling you to eat the food slowly and do that sitting down? Mine told me that all the time. But sometimes I wasn’t listening to her and I stood up while eating my meal in a hurry.

Now, after some years have passed, I must admit my mother was right. She gave me one of the best weight loss advices in the world. Having good eating habits is a very important part of a healthy diet. It can be surprising but the rate at which you ingest the food has a lot to deal with gaining weight.

Recent studies have shown that overweight people eat much faster than the skinny ones. Also, overweight people take bigger bites than regular people do. There are many types of food that force you to ingest them slowly. By adding these types of food into your diet you will quickly develop the good habit of slowly eating the food and enjoying every bite.

These types of food are:

Foods that have really high fiber concentrations. By ingesting just a small quantity, these types of food make you feel full much faster and for a longer period of time.

Types of foods that have a high content of water. This way, you will feel much fuller. For example, try eating cucumbers or fruits. You can try out melons, apples, pears, berries and many other types of food. You can also cook some of the vegetables. Boiled vegetables absorb water and they will fill your stomach better. Eating slow and food that has a lot of water is the key.

Another recommendation is to eat food that requires a lot of chewing. Because you will be busy chewing, you will be forced to eat slowly. So try out some hard to chew foods and see what happens. You can taste some fibrous vegetables like broccoli, carrots or cabbage.

You can also try out food that requires a big of energy to consume. This way you will get tired eating them and you will not get to overeat. Try high fibers vegetables that have proteins. Also, do not forget about vegetables and fruits.

Also, when you are eating, you should avoid drinking liquids because they mess with your gastric flow and the gastric substances, lowering their intensity.

Based on all the studies I have read, and all the examples I have seen with my own eyes, I have also reached the conclusion that a good diet involves giving up on drinks that contain calories. From time to time you can have a protein shake but on regular occasions, if you can drink water or a light drink, choose that instead of sugary juices. This is what having a healthy diet is all about. You should also avoid coffee, sodas and fruit juices that contain sugar. You may not believe this but the liquid calories are one of the biggest sources of hidden calories.

By: Cristian Stan

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Healthy Bodybuilding

If you get in a better shape you will see that the benefits for your mind and body are numerous. When you feel great, you look great. In order to live a great life you will need to go into exercising and you will get to even look better as a bonus. The truth is that you can basically do everything you want if you are healthy!

One of the ways of getting in shape is bodybuilding. A good workout and nutrition are equally important in bodybuilding. The first step is losing extra fat and then working out your muscles. Exercise basically means going to the gym for most people but it is a lot mroe than that. In order to start bodybuilding you should always be careful about doing it right and you will always have results!

Here is where nutrition comes and helps you: first, when you have to lose weight and then to give your muscles tonus. Before wanting to lose weight be sure that you do your research and do it properly so that you will not have any problems on the long run. To tone up those muscles you need a daily program with different dishes that contain all your body needs - proteins mainly but other energy giving substances.

A natural program for bodybuilding is one that does not use steroids or chemical substances to get you buff. First you need to know by heart the recipe of a protein shake that will be your close friend and give you the energy to work out. This shake contains 9-12 ounces of skin milk, a little seed oil, 2 eggs and some dry fruits. Mix them up and drink the shake especially in the morning to feel more energetic, and after workouts for your muscles.

At breakfast you should eat six or seven eggs (one whole and the other just the whites), 1 glass of fresh squished orange or apple juice, some natural oatmeal and a cup of coffee with no sugar preferably. At lunch you can eat only 2 slices of bread, a can of tuna in water, a salad and a glass of water. Until dinner we recommend that you grab a quick snack if you get hungry. In the evening you can eat grilled chicken breast of salmon file, on the side some brown rice or green beans and a glass of water.

By: Roberto Bell

As you can see water is very important for your nutrition and you should pay attention and drink about 2 liters of water per day as a minimum. Do not forget that you can go into cardio workouts at home! Get the Great Bodies you want!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Blood Pressure Kit - A Must Buy For Healthy Life

What is blood pressure? It is the pressure that blood exerts on the walls of our blood vessels. Systolic blood pressure is measured when the heart contracts and diastolic blood pressure is measured when the heart relaxes. These readings can be recorded on a monitor. When these readings go beyond a certain range, it spells danger. There are hardly any symptoms which indicate high or low blood pressure. In fact, high blood pressure or hypertension is called `the silent killer`.

Hence, it is imperative for everyone to monitor their blood pressure regularly. This can be done by visiting a medical practitioner or at home also. Blood pressure kits are a revolution in this direction. Studies have indicated that it is wiser to measure blood pressure at home with a blood pressure kit than to get it measured by a doctor in his clinic. Results are more accurate and trust-worthy.

However, blood pressure kits need to be tested for accuracy from time to time. This can be done by comparing the readings between ones own blood pressure kit and one taken by a regular doctor at his clinic. The two readings must nearly be the same.

The device which measures blood pressure is called a sphygmomanometer. A cuff is wrapped around the arm and tightened by means of a pump. A stethoscope is placed on the artery near the elbow. The air pressure is then released. When the blood first gushes through the blood vessels gives the systolic reading. Diastolic reading is taken when the pulse stops. The acceptable reading on the blood pressure kit is 120/80.

There are a variety of blood pressure kits to choose from in the market. They vary in design, utility and price. Some blood pressure kits are manual while others are auto inflated. Depending on the technology used, the features that blood pressure kits offer are:

* Irregular heart beat feature
* Pressure rating feature
* A multiple number of memory readings
* Average reading feature
* Blood pressure classification
* Body fat percentage and BMI
* Time and date feature
* Alarm clock and thermometer
* Excessive motion detection

Most blood pressure kits measure blood pressure from the arm while some are used on the wrist and a few on the finger. Doctors suggest using the arm type blood pressure kit as the readings are more dependable. It is as if proximity to the heart gives a better result. Finger type blood pressure kits are totally discarded now as they showed inaccurate readings. Again, a higher price does not necessarily mean a better product. Research shows that cheaper models of blood pressure kits give more accurate results.

In recent times, man has been drawn towards astrology. This has led to innovations in astrological medicine and treatment. A Rudraksha blood pressure kit has been developed which claims to control blood pressure quite efficiently. However, it lacks medical confirmation.

The Rudraksha blood pressure kit consists of two Rudraksha beads and a bloodstone pendant embedded in silver. The beads have to be soaked overnight in water. This water is to be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. The bloodstone pendant is to be worn around the neck in such a manner that the bloodstone remains in the area of the heart. Blood pressure is expected to stabilize within a few days.

If we pay attention to the growing number of deaths due to hypertension, then purchase of a blood pressure kit becomes a must for one and all. However care must be taken to buy the proper and accurate blood pressure kit.

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By: Roberto Sedycias

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Effective Advice On The Control Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common condition that affects millions of Americans. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary depending on the cause of the condition. It is important to find out the cause of any hair loss condition before proffering treatment for it. But the good thing is that it's not permanent and lots of solutions abide for hair loss, whether male hair loss or female hair loss.

The thyroid glands can cause a hair loss condition if it is under producing or over producing thyroxin. If your hair loss condition is a product of hormone imbalances then a treatment of the imbalance can stabilize your hair growth.

It's hard to believe but it's very true that conditions such as a high fever can contribute to hair loss. A case of severe flu is often accompanied by some hair loss. Generally, illness tends to impact on the human hair negatively. So, do all you can to avoid falling ill very often. That's why general health care is also a good way to prevent hair loss.

Your diet contributes to the health of your hair. A healthy diet leads to a head full of thick, lustrous vibrant hair. When you eat well, nutrients get supplied to your hair and help it grow. Next time you don't feel the need to eat well, remember that you could be endangering your lovely beautiful hair. Eat well and you can help your hair to continue looking full and lovely.

Female pattern baldness is not as bad as male pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness does not involve frontal hair loss as male pattern boldness does. For females, baldness constitutes a gradual thinning of the hair over the years.

The truth about the matter is that baldness cannot be cured. There are several treatments for baldness that can provide come form of respite for the bald man or woman. Medication may not be effective for a person whose hair loss problem is extensive in scale. But what works wonders for bald people is hair transplant. It's expensive, yes, but it works and can make your problem of bald head a thing of the past.

New methods of treating hair loss keep on popping up on a daily basis. Follicular unit transportation is a treatment that involves a patch that is taken from the back of the head and placed on the bald patch. The follicular unit transplant helps to solve the problem of balding.

Certain medication can stop the advancement of baldness. Pattern baldness is not a hopeless condition as most people suffering from it tend to think. Baldness can be successfully treated with the right treatment option.

By: Frank Froggatt
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How The Women Can Prevent Hair Loss

It is not for nothing that hair has often been called a woman’s ‘crowning glory’. A vital physical attribute, hair is such an asset that it can make a plain woman look stunningly attractive. No wonder than that most women are highly alarmed at the mere thought of them being suffering hair loss.

The most common reason for hair loss in women is ‘androgenetic alopecia’. It leads to immediately noticeable thinning of hair, especially at the top and side areas of the scalp. Female alopecia or female-patterned baldness is a condition that makes an estimated one-third of women vulnerable to hair loss. Though some alarmingly unfortunate instances have been noted to take place at puberty stage, this type of hair loss usually occurs when women are in their postmenopausal stages.

Another hair loss condition in females is – ‘anagen effluvium’, wherein hair strands may not have yet reached the final stage of their life cycle. However, with the use of certain agents, like medications that are administered internally, still-growing hair follicles can be poisoned and eventually finished.

Conversely, ‘telogen effluvium’is a condition of female hair loss wherein there are more hair strands reaching the telogen stage than what their number should usually be.
A number of factors may be held responsible for ‘telogen effluvium’, namely:


Though stress is considered to be a psychological factor, it can often be caused by an unnatural physical condition like having just undergone surgery and experiencing the changes it created on your body. Crash dieting, anemia, and various kinds of illnesses can also result in undue stress.

Excessive loss of hair could well be a result of emotional and psychological factors inducing stress. The problem can be aggravated at the time of grief over the death of a loved one or a mental illness.


A person can temporarily suffer hair loss as a result of a number of medications and treatments. People on medications in the case of high blood pressure, or gout can certainly show symptoms of hair loss. Extra care should also be taken with medications containing great quantities of Vitamin A, as these can also induce hair loss.


During the course of menopause, or while experiencing pre-menopausal or postmenopausal symptoms, women become exposed to the condition of hair loss, as are women who are using birth control pills or are pregnant. This is primarily due to the hormonal changes or abnormalities their bodies are being subjected to.

Once the underlying cause of ‘telogen effluvium’ is found out and effectively treated, the hair will gradually begin to return to its normal condition.

It is not correct to assume that frequency of shampooing hair can cause hair loss, even though harsh or strong chemicals in shampoo products are sometimes blamed for hair loss. At times, some of your hair strands may come to be loosened up with shampoos and cause you to shed more than usual, but affected hair strands may be those already in the ‘telogen’ stage and would have fallen out in any case. However alarming this temporary condition may be, your body mechanism will automatically replace the lost hair!

By: Jim Brown1
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Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Lost Hair Naturally

Also, being synthetic chemicals, they have many side effects, including gynecomastia (growth of breasts in males), erectile As for the drugs (such as Propecia or Rogaine), their effectiveness is not yet completely understood how DHT affects the scalp but it is primarily caused by the excess amounts of DHT, the obvious solution is to decrease the level of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT.) It is not universally accepted. This can be done using synthetic chemical drugs or natural treatments. The good news is that it is primarily caused by the increased level of DHT.

How can hair loss be prevented and reversed? Since it is completely lost. Their first advantage is that it is possible to prevent and reverse baldness. Natural hair loss treatments are an obvious alternative to drugs.

Are there any alternatives to chemical drugs? Also, being synthetic chemicals, they have many side effects, including gynecomastia (growth of breasts in males), erectile dysfunction, chest pain, blurred visions etc. As for the drugs (such as Propecia or Rogaine), their effectiveness is not universally accepted. This can be done using synthetic chemical drugs or natural treatments.

As for the drugs (such as Propecia or Rogaine), their effectiveness is not yet completely understood how DHT affects the scalp but it is primarily caused by the increased level of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT.) It is not yet completely understood how DHT affects the scalp but it is primarily caused by the excess amounts of DHT, the obvious solution is to decrease the level of DHT. This can be done using synthetic chemical drugs or natural treatments. The most common form of hair loss in both men and women is androgenic alopecia (also known as male-pattern baldness is primarily caused by the excess amounts of DHT, the obvious solution is to decrease the level of DHT.

By: Anthony Annton

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Natural Weight Loss Plans, For Our Health

If you asked any experts on diet business, most of their answers to weight problem would be, to go natural. Why so? First of all it feels right doing things naturally and feeling right means feel better about yourself, which is a good start for everything. Naturally, losing weight in a naturally way is surely the safest method for our health. But still there are many who are after the quick unnatural overnight-weight- loss solution.

In this case, natural means producing something that has been extracted from plants or substances of nature so that it could help our body get rid of the unwanted extra weight in a natural length of time or process within our body capability. As you may feel, going too slow isn’t going to hurt you but going too fast definitely will. By taking advanced lossing-wieght chemicals of today’s latest technology surely isn’t the safest bet. If the chemicals can make you loss weight in short time, your weight that has been lost will surely find its way back as quick and even worst, most of weight loss drugs will effect your mental health in some ways. Do you want that? Ask yourself.

So what do you need? The answer is simple, a natural weight loss plan. A natural weight loss plan not only help you lose weight in a long run but also will help protect your health and it is cheaper too. Talking about weight loss naturally, first thing to consider is surely about food you eat everyday. Live your normal life for a few days and make notes of what you eat and check if they need to be changed. Junk food and all that sugar water is needed to be stop. For example, if you love cola so much try diet ones instead. You can lose some weight by changing only that much. It works for me.

But to solve the weight problem by using natural method you need to come up with a plan or a procedure I should say, so you don’t get loss on the way. If you are not a planner don’t worries there are plenty of natural diet plans all over internet, all you have to do is a quick search. Remember that no matter what you hear or read, if you are confuse just use your common sense about food; eat more vegetables and fruits but don’t kill yourself on my behalf, eat meat sometimes isn’t going to hurt you. Secondly, exercise regularly is a must, it doesn’t matter if you exercise every day or week but it needs to be regular.

Another thing about food is that many people who has weight problem are eating when they feeling down or depress. The foods they eat often are fat food. If you are that type of person, you should know by now that there are many other things that can fix your emotion besides eating bad food. It is just your bad habit. If you get used to eating fat food when depressed then you can get used to going for a run or eating healthy food when feeling depressed as well. After you accomplished it or get used find yourself better things to do when feeling depressed, you will see that it’s not your body but it’s your habit that needed change.

Exercising is surely a good thing for everybody. Not only good for your health in many ways but also it can even makes you feel better and think better too. Nothing can beat that. I know exercising isn’t sound like fun to many of us. But it doesn’t need to be a complicated task either. Find a sport you enjoy with friends is much better than make your self get up and go to gym everyday, which is the hardest thing to do. I don’t go to gym. I just play sport, It makes my mind of things about everything accept the game and it can pass times so quickly as well. You don’t have to keep looking at the watch and pray when the painful exercising time is over. Just play. And remember the most important thing, keep exercising on regular basis.

I know it’s easy to say as many other solutions in our life’s problem. But all things can be accomplished in steps. Pyramids weren’t built in 1 day. Learn from mistakes and promise yourself to do better for the better of your health, which is the most important asset in your life. Take a first step now then never!

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