Friday, February 15, 2008

The Need For Abdominoplasty

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. People flock to these clinics in order to get their bodies ‘fixed.’ Of course, you’d think that people would cower at the thought of having a scalpel plunged into their skins, but hey, to each his own, right? Now, as you know, a bulging abdomen doesn’t exactly fit into the category of ‘beautiful.’ And, as expected of the intelligent humans, a way to go around this problem was found. The cosmetic surgeons have invented a new operation called abdominoplasty.

What is It?
Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, as it’s more popularly known, does just that – it tucks the tummy in. The plastic surgeons have found a way to spare us the effort of having to hold our breaths in order to tuck our tummy in. This permanent fix involves removing all the excess fat and skin from the middle abdomen to the lower abdomen so that the muscles and fascia will be tightened.

However, it’s not a direct route to beauty because having this operation means that you will have a permanent scar. The size of this said scar actually depends on the severity of your case or on the amount of body area that they had to fix. Still, the idea of the scar does not deter most people. After all, scars can easily be covered while a bulging tummy is as obtrusive as Barney the Dinosaur sitting with the members of the United States Congress.

Who Needs It?
Abdominoplasty is also the type of surgery preferred by people with loose tissues or sagging skin. These loose tissues usually result from major weight loss or from pregnancy. It takes a while for all the skin to recoil into its original taut state and some people just can’t take the unsightly appearance of having sagging skin. Also, there are some cases when the skin has been stretched to the point of losing its elasticity. In such cases, the sagging skin will not return to its original state, and abdominoplasty is usually the only solution.

As in every surgical procedure, there are risks involved. There’s always a risk of infection and there’s always a risk of something going wrong with the operation. Still, this does not deter people. You see, external beauty isn’t really as shallow as people put it. External beauty contributes to a person’s self-confidence, and in turn, this will make the individual become better adjusted. And if having a scalpel dig into your body is the only means to achieve it, then so be it.

By: Karen Hansson

Karen Hansson is specialized in medicine and health issues. She writes regularly on You can read more about abdominoplasty there.

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