Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Best Weight Loss Tips

Log onto the internet and look for weight loss tips and you will come across a hundred different websites offering them. There are ‘Top 10 weight loss tips’, ‘Top 50 weight loss tips’ and ‘The best 3 weight loss tips’.

But when you browse through them all, they either have repetitive content or are out there to promote a weight loss company.

They all start off with a testimonial saying ‘How I lost 30 pounds in one week’ and so on. But the question to be asked is, ‘Just because it worked for him, will it work for me?’ The answer to this question is no. I mean, it might just work. But the keyword here is ‘might’. It brings into account a certain level of probability.

In this article, I am pouring my heart out. Being an obese person all my life, I know what it takes to get those stubborn kilos off your body.

Lifestyle changes

Simply eat less and burn more. You don’t need to give me $1000 to get this tip. You don’t need to go through a 2000 page e-book or buy a video tape that shows you cranky exercises. The only thing that you need to do is get a calorie counter and measure the calories that you are eating.

Now get into the habit of exercising regularly and measure how much you are burning. You can start off with moderate exercises like a slow walk. It will be difficult but the end result will be much better than popping miracle pills into your mouth to lose weight. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep realistic goals

Accept the fact that you are obese and it will take time for you to shed those kilos. The faster you accept this, easier it becomes to lose weight. Keep realistic goals. Do not accept to lose 30 pounds in 15 days and so on. Once you have a realistic goal, work towards achieving it and slowly but surely, you will be there.

By: Ganesh_SEO

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