Friday, December 28, 2007

Yes, There Is Now Nontoxic, Clinically Proven Help For Psoriasis

Psoriasis, which has recently become established as a disease of the immune system, is currently thought by medical professionals to be a condition for which no treatment can offer permanent remission while maintaining the patient’s quality of life. Most treatments today only offer a temporary remission and generate significant side effects, some of which are life threatening. There are new breakthrough formulas available for those who suffer from mild to moderate psoriasis and have clinically proven efficacy and safety. These new formula are rich in growth factors and peptides, which are naturally occurring molecules found in the human body that modulate cell functions.

In contrast to the medications that are now prescribed, the active ingredients of herbal remedies for psoriasis are derived from a natural growth factor and peptide-rich source and no side effects related to these types of products have been reported during the clinical studies that have been conducted up to this point. Some growth factors and bioactive peptides inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of T-cells which are involved in the inflammatory process, resulting in the immune system’s response. Also, natural growth factors and bioactive peptides can reduce the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines from T-lymphocytes. T-lymphocytes have been demonstrated to be a key element in the inflammatory process of immune-mediated inflammatory disorders, along with the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Natural herbal psoriasis supplements also contain proteins including beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumine, and lactoferrin, which possess many recognized immune activities. Additionally, active ingredients like, XP-828L works well upstream at the entire immune system level by down modulating pro-inflammatory Th1 cytokines. The first study to demonstrate XP-828L’s potential to relieve psoriasis symptoms was conducted in Canada in 2004 by Dr. Yves Poulin, M.D., a leading dermatologist and psoriasis specialist who has participated in more than 75 clinical studies on psoriasis. The objective of the first phase of the study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of XP-828L in 11 adults who were suffering from mild-to-moderate psoriasis. The study took place over an eight-week period and led to an extension of a further eight weeks of treatment to asses the efficacy of XP-828L after the initial eight-week treatment. The patients were not allowed to use any other treatment during the study or the period preceding it. The results of this study concluded that the product was safe and no clinically significant adverse reactions or laboratory abnormalities were observed during treatment.

Natural remedies for psoriasis are now available in health food stores and natural product markets, finally allowing help without side effects for psoriasis. For those 7.5 million Americans who have to deal with the suffering associated with psoriasis, this is really good news. In the United States, these supplements will be used orally as a support treatment for those patients using topical or systemic medications; as an alternative therapy for patients who experience side effects or have agreement issues with tropical’s; and to extend the remission period between topical and systemic medications. Stop in your local health food store and ask about what can help with your psoriasis problem.


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