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Exercise Tips For Walking Off Your Weight

There is so much information about how to lose weight that most people are confused. When folks decide to count calories and have structured exercise programs, they realize these plans aren't easily carried out and they fall back into old habits.

Nature has provided humans with foods for proper nutrients, and the least complex way to watch food intake is to simply eat less of a balanced diet. It's also the safest, since specific plans aren't advantageous for everyone's metabolism, energy requirements, or lifestyle. And while weights, exercise machines and personal trainers help re-size bodies, they are inconvenient and expensive. Once again, the key for weight loss is simplicity. Easy exercise that people enjoy will be done more often, resulting in a greater number of pounds lost. The most simple and easy exercise is walking.

Walking can be done at any time, in any weather, by all ages, without specialized instruction, and it's free. Major muscle groups and joints receive as much of a boost as the heart, and walking is a great social and emotional outlet. Since weight loss occurs when a person takes in fewer calories than he uses, or uses more energy than the calories he takes in, walking helps by burning calories.

One pound is equal to 3500 calories; it can be lost by burning that amount of calories or by consuming 3500 fewer calories than what the body needs. A person who weighs around 165-170 pounds uses about 100 calories to walk one mile. Using these numbers, if an individual reduced their diet by 200 daily calories and walked one mile, they would lose a pound in ten days. They'd lose that pound in 7 days if they decreased daily calories by 300 and walked 2 miles a day. (At slow speeds, more calories are burned because the walker actually is continuously starting and stopping, and at very rapid speeds, more muscle groups are put to work, which assist in burning calories. So, a person may lose more weight, or lose it more quickly.)

However, weight will come off only if walking is done regularly, which means that a person with a goal or timeframe must adhere to their schedule. This is successfully accomplished when a person feels completely comfortable while walking. If their feet bother them, chances are walking will end, along with weight loss. Whenever anyone is serious about walking as an exercise regime, it is imperative to invest in quality walking shoes!

Each foot strikes the ground about 1000 times during the course of walking one mile. That means that there are 2000 opportunities per mile for feet to slide around start developing blisters. There are that many chances to slip or trip on objects underfoot or slick surfaces. The body must adequately shift weight, then balance and absorb the shock with every one of those steps. When one considers the dynamics of one single step, it's amazing how much relies on foot support; there is a reason there are more bones in the foot than in any other part of the body!

One company is geared to those who take walking seriously, providing the best quality in construction and design: Mephisto Shoes. A person is almost assured of finding the most comfortable shoe they've ever worn in Mephisto's line. With well made Mephisto Shoes, a walker will find that feet do not burn or sweat as they may in other brands. That is because Mephisto's experience has resulted in the optimum engineering for walker needs. With an emphasis on support and cushioning, Mephisto materials are used exactly where the foot and arch are the most sensitive and vulnerable. All aspects of long distance walking are taken into consideration, from air circulation for "breathability", to the linings for sweat and moisture absorption, to the proper shape of the shoe for perfect fit. Nothing is overlooked by Mephisto Shoes when it comes to comfort!

Mephisto Shoe representatives are experts in providing buyers with information regarding unique needs. They can offer suggestions for walking shoes for every terrain and preference. With shoes that cradle, caress and energize walkers' feet, a simple stroll can become a pleasant adventure. When a person realizes that long-term walking does not equate to requiring a hot foot-bath or other pain relief, he may walk more often or farther, and lose even more weight.

It's wise to lose weight at a comfortable pace because it then becomes a way of life that can be maintained into the future. Walking off the pounds is recommended by doctors and experts alike. As long as someone's feet are in comfortable shoes, they may find that they literally can go for miles and walk the weight off. With Mephisto Shoes, it's practically guaranteed!

By: Megan Hazel

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